How Can You Help?

Active support is just what is says it is on the tin. A support team for all adults, particularly parents of children in 4thBramhall to volunteer a little or a lot time on a flexible basis to support the leaders and assist with general running of the group, weekly activities and camps.

You volunteer only the time you can spare to fit in with your existing commitments, this may be an hour a month, or an hour a week. The choice is yours, it is as little or as much as you are comfortably able to commit.

How can Active Support help?

We very are fortunate in having fantastic team of leaders at 4th Bramhall, who are all volunteers who don’t want to stand still and are continually looking for new ways to improve the variety, structure and quality of scouting programme we provide for the children.

We know that most parents are supportive and are more than happy to help out but have only limited time they can commit. Leaders also have work and family commitments, so often find themselves rushing around trying to make sure everything happen as it should. Helping with the support tasks will be a massive help to the leaders and will ultimately improve what we can offer the children.

Parents can help in so many ways to free up some of the leaders time to let them focus on what they do best. The more people that volunteer help make things run much smoother and enhance the quality of what we offer.

Active Support Sections

We have five Active Support Sections. We are looking for people to oversee each section and people to take on specific items out of each section. You can take on as many sections/items as you like or even share an item with someone. 

  • Activities and Skills: Section Meetings, Camps, Hikes, Activity Instructors, Wide-games, Arts & Crafts, Days Out, D of E Award, Membership Records, Badge Secretary, Transport, Noticeboard housekeeping, Food Shopping.
  • Facilities: Building Maintenance, Health & Safety, Hall Booking Secretary, Fire Warden, General Maintenance, First Aid Kit Monitor, Cleaning, Garden & Outside, Lights, Projects.
  • Social and Fundraising: Event planning, Jumble Sale, Santa Leaflet Drop, Group Fundraising, Group Social.
  • Quartermaster:  Cataloging, Purchasing, Repairing, Camping Equipment, Minibus & Trailer, Games Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, Building Furniture, Stores, Website & I.T.
  • Group Executive: Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Accountant, Secretary, Section Reps.

  Adventurous Activity

You may already be interested in an adventurous activity as your hobby or maybe you’ve always wanted to have a go at something…. 

Why not have a look at the scout associations adventurous activity permit scheme and become an instructor. There is many adventurous activity’s to chose from, we are always looking for new adult members so please get in contact if anything appeals to you.

We see Active Support as an ideal opportunity for parents to provide valuable feedback to the leaders, discuss and suggest how we can make the scouting experiences at 4th Bramhall even better for all the children.

How do I get involved?

Membership is free, you simply need to complete a combined DBS form which is a requirement of the Scout Association for anyone age 18 and over, plus complete module 1 online training for the safeguarding of children. 

Please contact Jon Wood for more information 

“Many Hands Make Light Work”